Project Preview

Salander Property group is a boutique property developer based in Perth. Their client-centric focus allows them to deliver tailored results while offering expertise and remaining at the forefront of industry market trends. Intelligent, diligent and experienced this group is forward thinking and constantly pushing the boundaries through design, special awareness and functionality all whilst delivering a product the market place is screaming for.


The Set Up

Defining your brand identity is imperative when conducting your operations. When Salander Property Group approached us with a mini-identity crisis, we knew that the first step was to design a logo for them that spoke volumes on who they were as a property developer, breaking through clutter amongst a competitive market.


What We Did

After in-depth discussions, we understood that their core brand values circulated around honesty, integrity and customer satisfaction. Their identity emanates a broad spectrum of expertise within their industry; through seamless design we were tasked with bringing out these qualities in their logo.


The Outcome

A beautifully designed logo that reflects the business’ professionalism and knowledge. Gearing up for 2019, we set course for Salandar Property Group’s strategic direction. The team has key developments in store for the Perth market in 2019, it was our mission to ensure that this was properly translated in all marketing initiatives for the new year. We also helped define the brands aesthetic identity by designing collateral such as business cards and letterheads. The client commended the Nessabee Creative team on our communication, brand design and the deliverance of objectives.